Global IT Technology Program(ITTP) at KAIST, one of the best received government scholarship programs for next IT leaders in developing countries, is looking for applicants from Algeria.

Detailed information and necessary form for applicants are attached at the bottom of the page.

With a wish to provide you with a quick run-down of the recruitment schedule;


○ Admission Notice


○ Important Dates 

– On-line application: March 27th,2018 ~ April 17th,2018

– Document submission by post: By April 24th,2018

– Arrival check of submitted documents: April 19th,2018 ~ April 24th,2018

– Application review: May 10th,2018 ~ June 11th,2018

– Admissions notification: 5:00 p.m, June 22rd,2018

(The timeline is based on local time in South Korea and is subject to change)

KAIST Guideline Fall Regular Graduate Admission pdf-small

KAIST Global IT Technology Program Brochure pdf-small

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