Laissez Passer

The Laissez-passer is a travel document issued in exceptional cases to enable the beneficiary to go back to Algeria. It cannot be used as an identity document. The Laissez-passer has a very limited validity of 30 days and should only be used to enter Algeria on a direct flight.

A) The laissez-passer is issued to an Algerian citizen not registered at the Embassy who has declared the loss or the theft of his passport and who intends to return to Algeria as soon as possible .

Documents to be provided are:

  1. A police report
  2. Proof of Identity (Birth certificate, National Identity or others)
  3. Three (03) recent photographs
  4. Flight ticket with date confirmation
  5. Laissez Passer Application form duly filled and signed.


B) In the event of expiry of passport for an Algerian national not registered, a travel document (Laissez-Passer) is delivered to enable him to return to Algeria.Documents to be provided are:
  1. Restitution of the old passport
  2. Three (03) recent photographs
  3. Flight ticket with date confirmation
  4. Laissez Passer Application Form duly filled and signed.

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