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If you are parent and want to subscribe your child’s name and photo in your passport, please be sure to provide the following documents :

Algerian nationals residing in South Korea and duly registered at the Algerian Embassy can apply for the issue of a passport.

Applicants who wish to apply for a passport at the Algerian Embassy must be a registered as Citizen .

Children under the age of 15 can not obtain individual passport ; they have to be subscribed in the passport of their parents. Passport applications can also be sent by courier service .

This is to inform that passport fees are to be either by cash or payment to the bank account details :

Account Name :EMBASSY OF THE PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ALGERIA Bank Address : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Account Number :000000000000000000 Swift Code :xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Payment by Credit Cards/ Western Union / Personal cheques are not acceptable.
  2. The Embassy will no longer accept any monies for courier service and that all courier services are to be self-arranged.
  3. All bank charges have to be paid by the Remitter for the Exact fees to be received by the Embassy otherwise application for passport will be rejected

Please provide the following documents when applying for a new passport:

Application form

1.  Previous passport

2. 12S

3. Consular registration card.

4. Four (4) recent passport-sized photographs (for bio metric passport please satisfy the following conditions)

– a photo in color with 35mm wide and 45mm high;

– the face should occupy about 75% of the surface of the photograph

– the background should be united, frame less and white.

5. Proof of employment.

6. Copy certified of the Work permit or a student visa.

7. Fees:

-USD$75.00 for adults over 19 years old. ( 88,000 Won depending on the rate of the day )

-USD $37.50 for minors and students. (44,000 Won depending on the rate of the day )

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Passport:

If a passport is lost, damaged or stolen, you must report it immediately at your local police station and to the Embassy, where you can apply for a new passport.
The replacement passport is issued after cancellation of the lost, damaged or stolen one. This process can take several months’

Furthermore and in accordance with the law, a penalty of $US 25 must be paid for the renewal of a passport lost.

1. Lost property form issued by your local police station.

2. Declaration of Loss of Passport

3. $ 25 Stamp Fee. A penalty of $ 25 in accordance with the 1997 Finance Law Article 136.

4. A stamped receipt is issued to the applicant to confirm the payment of this tax

Passport for children

A minor is entitled to an individual passport at any age and is no longer permitted to add his photo on his parents passport. The issuing of a passport to a minor ( under 19 years ) is subject to a written authorization by the father or by the legal guardian who must  present at the consulate to sign the document. The presence of children under 12 years is no longer required at the Embassy either when submitting the application or when collecting the passport. These two operations can now be performed by the child’s legal guardian. However the photographs provided must meet the required standards. For an individual passport, please be sure to provide the following documents:

1. Parental authorization Application form.

2. Copy of the father’s Identity Document (Consular Card or Passport).

3. Copy of a Full Birth Certificate of the minor or the parents’ Family book.

4. Four (4) passport sized photographs for an individual passport (in case of bio metric passport the photo should be in color with 35mm wide and 45mm high; the face should occupy about 75% of the surface of the photograph; the background should be united, frame less and white.

5. Previous passport, if any

6. Passport Fees $ 37.50 ( 44,000 Won depending on the  rate of the day )

1. Parental authorization Application Form.

2. Two similar photographs

3. Copy of a Full Birth Certificate of the minor or the parents’ Family Book

General Notice – Passport Renewal and Extension


If you are already registered at the Embassy, you can apply for the renewal of your passport, or the extension of the previous passport.
  • initial issue of passport by the Algerian Embassy is done as soon as the registration process is gone through.
  • Renewal or extension of the passports takes a few days depending on the number of applications already being processed. Every effort is made to reduce the processing time and ensure that the passport is renewed as soon as possible.
  • Applications for the renewal or extension of passport can be made 6 months before the expiry date of the current passport.
  • Regardless the expiry date of the current passport, applications for renewal can be made if the passport does not contain any plain (Blank) pages
  • Applications for early renewal or extension of passport when applying for a long validity foreign visa cannot be considered.

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