Transfer of Assets

Property acquired through inheritance are accepted for clearance and are exempt of control of foreign trade, foreign exchange duties and taxes.

Terms :

  1. The goods, including vehicles, must have belonged fully to the deceased before his death.
  2. The repatriation of these assets must be done in one time, within one year from the date of issue of the Fredha ( liquidation of the succession)
  3. Applicants must be authorized by the heirs and shall be fitted with a special power of attorney prepared by a notary.

Documents required :

  1. An inventory of estate completed, dated and signed by the applicant. This inventory should be legalized by the consular services against USD 7.5 stamp duty.
  2. A customs declaration for home use.
  3. Copy of the Fredha (liquidation of the succession)certificate legalized by the notary
  4. Death certificate

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